BMW registers 'i' nameplate for MegaCity range

BMW Megacity Vehicle – Click above for high-res image gallery

First Apple, then Intel, now BMW. We're not sure what it is about the letter 'i' (in lower case, naturally) that various marketing professionals the world over are so enamored with, but word has it that the Bavarian automaker plans to use the moniker for its fuel efficient MegaCity range of vehicles.

According to a post on the web forums, BMW has registered trademarks for i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8 and i9, making us wonder exactly what the company has in mind for its newest sub-brand. Will there be high-efficiency versions of each of the automaker's models, or is it just holding on to these designations so that others don't attempt to gobble them up?

Whatever the case, we think they missed one golden opportunity... Where's the iSetta trademark?

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