Pontiac still a hotter Google keyword than Buick?

Pontiac may be dead, phased out by parent company General Motors in the wake of its financial collapse, but you wouldn't know it from searching these interwebs. According to search trends tracked by BringPontiacBack.org, more people are still searching for Pontiac on Google than they are for Buick.

This, despite Pontiac's demise and Buick's increased sales and marketing. The Trans Am loyalists admit that part of the discrepancy could come down to the city of Pontiac, Michigan, which is still standing. But would that be enough to account for Pontiac's 2:1 search popularity over Buick? Or is it that Buick's demographic has yet to figure out what the internet is? One way or another, the numbers are interesting. Hat tip to Christopher!

[Source: BringPontiacBack.org]

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