Zonda Absolute joins the ranks of special-edition Pagani models

Pagani Zonda Absolute – Click above for high-res image gallery

Another day, another special-edition Zonda. Pagani has been crankin' them out seemingly without end, each one-off commissioned by one wealthy client or another. Examples have included the PS, Uno, Tricolore, HH, 750 and RAK editions, and have now expanded to include yet one more: the Zonda Absolute.

Reportedly commissioned by a customer in China, the Absolute edition has nothing to do with the vodka brand of similar name, but packs just as much of an intoxicating punch. Bare carbon fiber and a Tricolore Italian-flag stripe running up the nose and over the roof-mounted air intake set it apart in a package that's probably as close to the track-bound Zonda R as any street-legal version yet.

[Source: Teamspeed.com]

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