Pagani Zonda HH – Click above for image gallery

Even with the new model around the corner, Pagani has no problem putting out special editions of the current Zonda faster than Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. The latest came in the form of the Zonda HH, a one-off blending the best bits from the Zonda Cinque edition and the Zonda F Roadster in a delicious blue package that looks about as drool-worthy as they come.

The big question on enthusiasts' minds, though, was just who commissioned the latest unique Zonda. Initial speculation based on the name had it that Hugh Heffner had ordered the special supercar, but those rumors can now be put to rest as the real buyer has been revealed as David Heinemeier Hansson.

The 30-year-old software guru is the brains behind such programs as the Ruby on Rails web-dev platform and the 37signals software firm. Heinemeier Hansson is based in Chicago, but since the Zonda was never homologated to U.S. specifications, reports indicate that the owner bought a vacation home in Italy just so he could drive the thing. Now that's dedication.

[Source: via WCF]

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