The Triumph of Zoe: Renault cleared to use Zoe Z.E. name

Renault Zoe Z.E. concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Renault had ideas of giving its new electric vehicle the name Zoe Z.E., but a French lawyer, David Koubbi, sued to stop that kind of obvious lunacy. Koubbi represents a group of parents who have daughters named Zoe, none of those children having anything to do with the Renault family or company. Fair enough, we suppose. But Koubbi's rationales have made everyone go "Zut alors!" with one quotable being, "Can an industrialist swoop in and steal our names so as to sell his products?"

A French judge says yes (at least in this case), agreeing that the term "Zoe" is a common noun not specifically reserved for humans. Renault said it is "very happy" with the result of the case and we imagine it plans to keep the name. Koubbi and his clients, on the other hand, plan to appeal. Hat tip to Richard!

[Source: BBC]

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