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Electric-drive design genius has a name: MotoCzysz. The team behind the E1PC electric race bike has taken the elegant essence of that high performance drive system and distilled it down into one compact glossy red box called the D1g1tal Dr1ve D1.

Lift off the top and peek inside this peerless example of packaging and you will find a 75 kW (100 horsepower) Remy motor, a proprietary inverter-controller, a cooling system and a gear reduction setup connected to a differential. The whole thing weighs 130 lbs. and can generate up to 848 ft-lbs (1150Nm) of torque. Yikes!

Now, we knew this was coming. We just didn't know it would look so sexy or arrive so soon. By next May, customers should be able to write a check for an amount somewhere south of $8,999 per unit and prepare to plug the aluminum case into chassis of their choosing. If the interest shown at EVS25, where it was unveiled, is any indication, there might be a something of a lineup formed by late Spring.

Need something a bit more powerful? You're in luck. There are more D1g1tal Dr1ve models capable of powering everything from a small commuter vehicle to performance-oriented supercars in various stages of development and we can expect to hear more about them in the near future. In the meantime, hit the jump for the official press release and all the technical specifications for the D1.

[Source: MotoCzysz]


Nov 10, 2010, Portland, OR- MotoCzysz unveiled the world's first fully integrated electric drive system- the D1g1gital Dr1ve D1- at the EVS25 show in Shenzhen China on November 5th 2010. Targeted to power the next generation electric vehicles and series hybrids, the D1g1tal Dr1ve is slated for delivery in May of 2011, for under $8999.

The D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 is a compact, advanced drive system that incorporates motor, inverter, oil pump, gear reduction and differential, all housed in a light-weight aluminum case. The complete integration of components makes the D1g1tal Dr1ve a true "plug and play" alternative, dramatically reducing the typical design time and costs associated with electric vehicles.

The integrated drive technology housed in the D1g1tal Dr1ve powered the MotoCzysz E1pc motorcycle to two race wins and two track records in 2010. The E1pc dominated the field at the Isle of Mann TT, winning by over two minutes ahead of the closest competitor; this same technology also powered the MotoCzysz E1pc to over 163mph at Bonneville.

By combining innovative, race-proven technology with the power and reliability of the Remy Motors HVH250, the D1g1tal Dr1ve becomes the most advanced and dependable integrated drive system available today.

The D1 makes a continuous 60kW and 75kW peak power and over 1000Nm drive torque in a package weighing less than 150lbs, making it an ideal solution for small commuter vehicles and light duty trucks or utility vehicles. The D1 is designed to accommodate either front or rear wheel drive vehicles.

A complete line of even more powerful and innovative D1g1tal Dr1ves are being designed and tested; further announcements to follow.

Additional information including pictures and press kit can be found at www.d1g1taldr1ve.com

D1g1tal Dr1ve Specifications D1
Integrated System Performance

Continuous Power Output (kW) 60kW
Peak Power Output (kW) 75kW
Continuous Torque Output (N-m) 600-850Nm
Peak Torque Output (N-m) 800-1150Nm
Max Input Current Continuous/Peak (Amps) 233/330
Peak Efficiency (%) 93% at rotor/ 90% at output
Max Operating Speed (rpm) 5,500
Base Speed (rpm) 2,500
Operating Voltage (VDC nom.) 364 nominal
Max. Temperature Limit 160 c

Overall Length, Width, Height (mm) L:489.4 / W:329.8 / H:372.3
Mass (kg) 59kg

Type BLDC IPM (Brushless DC Internal Permanent Magnet)
Conductor Type Remy HVH High Voltage Hairpin
Cooling MotoCzysz Patent Pending Integrated Cooling system

Type 3-phase, water cooled IGBT power platform
Supply Voltage (nom) 12v Nominal

Final Drive/ Differential
Ratio 2.5:1 - 3.5:1

System MotoCzysz Patent Pending Integrated Cooling system
Pump Integrated oil pump
Heat Exchange Internal oil water heat exchange

About MotoCzysz, LLC.
MotoCzysz is a design and engineering firm that has been awarded numerous patents and now focuses primarily on electric drive systems and electric vehicles. MotoCzysz recently utilized the D1g1tal Dr1ve in the MotoCzysz E1pc experimental electric motorcycle and won the two largest and most important electric races in 2010: Isle of Man TT zero, IOM and the e-Power Red Bull MotoGP, Laguna Seca. MotoCzysz is also working with Indian Automotive and Motorcycle giant Bajaj on a bold solution for a next generation electric car. For more information contact Ryan Taylor MotoCzysz GM at ryan.taylor@motoczysz.com.

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