If you were worried that the recent announcement by Mission Motors of a new drivetrain division meant an end to the company's future motorcycle plans, the release of a new teaser image should calm you down. Appearing on their freshly revised website, a silhouette of the "Mission R" shows an electric bike that's clearly not designed for cruising the boulevard.

The company is all "mum's the word" about the performance-oriented machine (despite our best Jedi mind trickery) beyond that it's "...what's next on the moto side, the Mission R." But the image does tell us something. It's not the Mission One in either street or Bonneville Salt Flat guise. The fairing, seating and tailstock are quite different, as are the wheels and the angle of the rear shock. Considering the components that Mission is now selling, it also very likely features a liquid-cooled AC motor and controller.

The "R" in motorcycle nomenclature typically sometimes stands for "race" so we'll crawl out on that limb and say this bike is meant for the track. Whether the Mission Motors team will race it themselves or offer it up for others à la the Mavizen and CRP Racing model is unknown, but if they want to make some sales, they're going to have to demonstrate that the Mission R is superior to the current offerings from those companies.

[Source: ElectroVelocity / Mission Motors]

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