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At Mission Motors, it's not just about motorcycles anymore. With the unveiling of a sweet looking lineup of electric and hybrid componentry today at SEMA, the company launches a new high performance powertrain division: MissionEVT. Based on the knowledge and product development acquired from the Mission One program, this new effort will collaborate with manufacturers to develop and build all-electric and hybrid propulsion systems for vehicles of varying size and purpose. In fact, it already is.

In a brief conversation with CEO Jit Bhattacharya, it was revealed that the company has been toiling away at this for a while and is already in cahoots with a couple major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). While he wasn't at liberty to say which manufacturers specifically, it did seem as if these endeavors could involve test fleets numbering in the hundreds, at least initially.

So, if you're an automaker that forsees the need to diversify your line-up with electron-powered products, what can MissionEVT offer you? Well, it can develop high performance motor, controller and energy storage systems that, because of their modularity, can be implemented into a range of vehicle types. Perhaps most importantly, they have the software to tie it all together and make it function properly. They also claim to have lithium-based battery systems that are as energy and power dense as anything currently available.

Go ahead and check out all their shiny stuff in the gallery below. If you seek reassurance as to the quality of MissionEVT's work, hit the jump for a recent video of venerable motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart spending some quality time with Mission' Motors' original raison d'être, the Mission One PLE. Yes, he thought it was awesome.

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Mission Motors Brings High-Performance EV Technology to OEM Market

Launches MissionEVT Division at SEMA 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2, 2010 – Today at the 2010 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show (SEMA), Mission Motors, a San Francisco based company best known for high-performance electric motorcycles, unveiled Mission Electric Vehicle Technology (MissionEVT), the company's high-performance EV Powertrain Division.

MissionEVT will design and supply high performance EV powertrains, including energy storage systems, drive systems and software intelligence, to the OEM market. The division will also offer engineering and integration services.

"Mission Motors has made tremendous strides in innovating electric powertrain technology," said Jit Bhattacharya, Mission Motors' CEO. "With MissionEVT, our company will be able to expand into new markets, bringing the advances we have made in EV technology to multiple vehicle platforms and manufacturers. This creates a tremendous high-volume opportunity for Mission's powertrain technology, while solving a critical need for vehicle manufacturers trying to keep pace with the rapid electrification of vehicles."

MissionEVT is the result of Mission Motors' work to develop its high-performance electric motorcycle, the Mission One PLE superbike. Because existing technology could not meet the speed, range, packaging and dynamic requirements of a truly high-performance electric motorcycle, the company developed new technologies in battery systems, motor control, and vehicle software management. These innovations made significant improvements to the weight, size, and modularity of these core electric vehicle components.

"Modularity is key to the MissionEVT solution," says Bhattacharya. "It gives us the flexibility to improve the performance of a wide range of vehicle applications. MissionEVT can configure our powertrain technology to work for applications ranging from powersports to automotive, and from battery electric to gasoline hybrid."

Over the past year, Mission Motors has launched multiple partnerships to integrate its advanced powertrain technology into a variety of vehicles. The launch of MissionEVT represents a formal offering of Mission's technologies and engineering services to major vehicle manufacturers.

Learn more about Mission Motors at http://RideMission.com. Learn more about MissionEVT at http://www.MissionEVT.com.

About Mission Motors

Mission Motors is an electric vehicle company creating the most advanced production electric motorcycle in the world while developing leading EV powertrain technology through its MissionEVT division. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company's elite team of engineers draws from expertise in the powersports, automotive, robotics, battery and software industries to develop technologies that maximize the potential of the electric drivetrain. The concept is simple: Redefine the world of electric vehicle performance

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