The ranks of electric racing motorcycle builders has just expanded by one. The Italian company, CRP Racing, which initially launched the eCRP 1.0 back in January, couldn't leave well enough alone and has now trotted out the new and improved eCRP1.2. Like its name implies, the new machine is an incremental evolution of the original. It features a more refined fairing, a larger 7.4 kWh battery, Marzocchi "upside down" forks up front and in the rear, the big red emergency shut off button has been moved from the top of the tail stock to the underside. Like the original, it uses twin Agni 95 DC motors to motivate the rear wheel, though the changes give it a slightly higher top speed of 200 kilometers per hour (124.3 miles per hour).

The 1.2 made its debut at the Castelletto circuit in Northern Italy where it got a little workout by champion rider Roberto Locatelli who had this to say about the ride:
It was a terrific experience, at first I have not a clear idea of what it would have meant to me riding the eCRP. I have done 5 laps and I would never stop to be honest. I would keep on running at full throttle for all day. I look forward to ride again eCRP. It is great fun, speed and pure adrenaline on two wheels!
We may have to wait until September to see it running under competition conditions, though. The TTXGP Italia season, where we expect it will be entered, has just been re-configured with the first contest being held on the 5th of September. If you'd like to buy one for yourself, the price tag reads €40,000 ($49,460 at today's exchange rate). If that's more than you care to bite off, €18,000 ($22,280) is enough to lease one for the entire season or you can pay €5,000 ($6,189) for a single race.

[Source: CRP Racing]

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