Video: First responders learn EV rescue techniques on Chevy Volt

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While a vocal gaggle of Birkenstock-wearing tree-huggers might be rambling on about how we need to replace the internal combustion engine overnight with EVs, we know that phasing out the automobile as we know them just isn't that simple.

Among the myriad stars you need to align in order for the electric car to enter the mainstream are such safety concerns as how emergency first responders will deal with electric vehicles in the event of an accident. High-voltage electric systems just don't behave the same in an accident as do combustible fuels. And the more EVs there are on the road, the more accidents involving them are bound to happen.

In order to address that eventuality, Chevrolet has taken its Volt around to training sessions for first responders to learn how to deal with the car's power systems in the event of an emergency, including how to disable the battery, how to sever the high-voltage cables and how to get an occupant out of a wrecked EV in an emergency. Chevrolet's being among the first, they've taken the initiative to get this EV safety ball rolling, but the lessons learned by paramedics, firefighters and the like will inevitably help as more EVs hit the road. Follow the jump to watch the video.

[Source: Chevrolet]

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