1967 Jaguar Pirana concept by Bertone – Click above for image gallery

There once was a time when the press shaped the news, not just reported on it. When newspapers still had budgets that stretched as far as their print runs... budgets big enough to commission their own show cars. GQ recently reached into that history when it teamed up with Citroën on its own concept, but long before that, England's Daily Telegraph had a stab at it on its own.

Called the Jaguar Pirana prototype, it was a vision of what a cost-no-object car might look like. It was designed by Bertone – hence the similarity in shape to such contemporary exotics as the Lamborghini Espada and Alfa Romeo Montreal – and packed a 4.2-liter six.

Originally conceived for and unveiled at the Earl's Court Motor Show in London back in 1967, the Pirana concept has since been resprayed from its original silver to a very Jag-like forest green. It's got 16,000 miles on the odometer, but the best part is that it could be yours. For a price of course: the current owner in Palm Springs has put it up for grabs on eBay Motors with a starting price of $150,000. If only there were a newspaper baron alive today to give it a good home.

Follow the link to the auction page, check out the images in the gallery below or the video (pertinent footage begins around the 2:03 mark) after the jump.

[Source: eBay Motors via MotoBullet.com]


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