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The Swiss are masters of precision. The world's most elegant timepieces hail from Switzerland. The multi-purpose and compact tool known as the Swiss Army Knife is praised throughout the world for its utility and dependability. Swiss-made products carry their label as a badge of honor that commands respect.

Philippe Perakis, a former mountain bike racer, is carrying this ethos into an amazing product designed for the outdoor enthusiast. Perakis has created the swissRoomBox, and its simple name belies a complex and mechanically beautiful product. The swissRoomBox is essentially a motor home squeezed into a few boxes, which fit neatly into the back of any mid-size hatchback, wagon, crossover or SUV.

The name of the game here is "ease of use," and the swissRoomBox delivers. Initial setup requires connecting a supplied cable to the battery and mounting the unit to four anchor points in the back of the car. It can then be installed or removed within ten minutes. Once in, however, it transforms your car into a mini RV. The swissRoomBox can be used to cook food, take a shower, and provide power and drinking water. It can even be detached to create seating or sleeping space.

It's an amazing piece of engineering that provides an endless amount of useful features. The swissRoomBox goes on sale in October 2010 but pricing has yet to be announced. Bonus: The company has stated that they are able to ship to the United States – get ready, Honda Element owners. Want to see one put to use? We have video of the swissRoomBox in action on the other side of the jump.

[Source: swissRoomBox via The Adventure Life]

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