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This wacky-pants RV cost its owner $815,738

And that's just the beginning of its awesome absurdity (there's a diamond-quilted toilet)

And that's just the beginning of its awesome absurdity (there's a diamond-quilted toilet).

'Spaceballs' Winnebago model to be auctioned

The Eagle 5 will go under the hammer in December

The Eagle 5 will go under the hammer in December.

Elderly Michigan woman skips chemo to see the world

An elderly Michigan woman got a one-two punch of devastating news in the middle of 2015 and decided that, instead of giving up on life, she'd take the road trip of a lifetime.

Winnebago re-introduces classic Brave RV [w/video]

Winnebago is saying 'Let's do the time warp again,' using its new Brave RV to do it – have a look at the first Winnebago RV from 1966 and you'll know exactly where this one comes from. The modern version of this swinging sixties motorhome is accurate from its size, either 26- or 27-foot version, to its trademark eyebrow above the front windshield.

Motorhome business is booming for Ford

As the economy continues its slow but steady rebound, it appears that demand for commercial and recreational vehicles is on the rise – at least for Ford anyway. With claims of being the best-selling motorhome chassis builder, Ford is increasing production of its stripped chassis (pictured), which is used to underpin large commercial vehicles and Class A motorhomes, to meet rising demand.

2011 Airstream Avenue

A Deluxe Apartment On The Move

Video: swissRoomBox turns any vehicle into a motor home

swissRoomBox – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Corvair History 101: The Ultra Van

Here's a totally different flavor of Corvair that wasn't mentioned in our recent Reader Ride feature. The Ultra Van is a true Corvair, according to the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), even though it didn't roll off a GM assembly line. The Ultra Van is more akin to a cabin cruiser on the inside and a DC-10 in construction, with a happy-looking front-end, to boot. In case the picture has somehow left you scratching your head,UltraVan really is is a motorhome.

Car carrying motor coach debuts in Germany

Have you ever noticed how many Saturns are towed behind motorhomes on our nation's highways? The reason is because most Saturns are part of a small group of vehicles that don't require the installation of a lube pump to circulate the transmission fluid in order to be towed with all four wheels on the ground. The problem is that most people who are wealthy enough to own an upscale RV wouldn't be caught dead in a Saturn under normal circumstances.

The Wothahellizat: Winnegabos weep in its presence

We hereby nominate the Wothahellizat built by Australian photographer Rob Gray as the Most Bitchin Thing on Wheels for 2006. Being a nature photographer, Gray and his wife, Chris, often spend long stretches of time out in the Australian wilderness and needed a vehicle that would be part condo, part off-roader, no compromises. The couple is able to spend months at a time out in the field with the 6x6 Wothahellizat thanks to a list of features that's too long to list.