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Convertible RV lets the great outdoors in

The Skydancer Apéro is like a skydeck on wheels

The Skydancer Apéro is like a skydeck on wheels.

Dalmatian puts RV into reverse and into lake at boat ramp

'This RV will never leave Texas from what I can tell,' the owner writes

'This RV will never leave Texas from what I can tell,' the owner writes.

Deadly dune buggies: Army tests vehicles for 21st-century combat

Prototypes dubbed Hunter and Killer are being tested to make airborne troops more mobile and informed

Army tests dune buggies for next-gen battle use

VW California XXL is the camper van of our dreams

Why name it 'California' and not sell it in the States?

Of course, we're not getting it in the States.

Car Club USA
Eco-Friendly RVs and Extravagant Mobile Estates | Car Club USA

From green living to glamping, Car Club USA explores the spectrum of RV ownership.

Whether it's about downsizing your possessions or bringing everything along for the ride, the RV community is unified by the desire to stay on the move. This episode of Car Club USA explores the spectrum of RV ownership, from an eco-friendly trailer nicknamed Toaster, to the extravagant, movie star designs of Ron Anderson's Mobile Estates.

Winnebago re-introduces classic Brave RV [w/video]

Winnebago is saying 'Let's do the time warp again,' using its new Brave RV to do it – have a look at the first Winnebago RV from 1966 and you'll know exactly where this one comes from. The modern version of this swinging sixties motorhome is accurate from its size, either 26- or 27-foot version, to its trademark eyebrow above the front windshield.

World's first all carbon-fiber RV is black, green and super slick [w/video]

Carbon fiber is becoming more and more prevalent on production vehicles – look no further than the BMW i3 – but a new company headquartered in Speedway, IN, is taking the ultra-light material to the next level. Soon you will be able to order a 35-foot-long, tow-behind RV made from a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and body. The company behind it is called Global Caravan Technologies, and it recently revealed the production-ready prototype

EPA fines Chinese recreational-vehicle maker $725,000 for excessive emissions

Two China-based companies and a US-based importer affiliate were fined a combined $725,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their roles in bringing in motorcycles and recreational vehicles from China that didn't comply with federal clean-air laws.

Indycar's Dallara to work on 'futuristic green super-luxury RV'

Can the company that builds the speedster shown above really branch out into the world of recreational vehicles? Dallara, the chassis builder of choice for the IndyCar Series, is going to build an RV. It won't just be your run of the mill house on wheels, though. It's going to be something much, much more than that.

'80s Vixen RV is the 'first driver's motor home' [UPDATE]

There is no class of vehicles that drives worse than RVs. Period. Who would of have thought strapping a house worth of furniture, appliances, carpeting and plumbing to a bus would have detrimental effects on a machine's drivability? It turns out there was one machine in the '80s that promised to rethink the modern RV. The Vixen was designed and built in Pontiac, Michigan to be everything the rigs of the day were not. Powered by a BMW turbodiesel engine

Video: James May pits American RV vs. British camper van

James May explores RVs, U.S. and UK style – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video: swissRoomBox turns any vehicle into a motor home

swissRoomBox – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Pilgrim International begins producing composite RVs

As was just pointed out on this very blog the other day, the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market has been hit extremely hard by the recent rising fuel prices. As you have probably noticed yourself, diesel prices have seen rather unprecedented increases, and it's these large and powerful vehicles which are often used to pull trailers. Manufacturers of RVs which are not powered themselves