There are countless tips and tricks out there that supposedly help boost fuel economy on any car, but the reality is that most are dubious or only provide fuel savings that are barely worth measuring. However, there is an oft-overlooked item that's standard on just about anything that rolls down the road and can have a profound impact on fuel consumption. Of course, we're talking about your tires. Manufacturers continue to improve tire technology and the latest examples of low-rolling resistance rubbers can often save you more than just a wee bit of gas.

Bridgestone's Ecopia tire lineup fits into the low-rolling resistance category and is available is sizes that fit passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and even tractor trailers. Bridgestone's recently introduced range of commercial-duty Ecopia truck tires offer a 12-percent improvement in rolling resistance compared the company's previous model. Why is this good? Because lower rolling resistance means reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The Ecopia truck tires are aimed at fleet operations where the benefits of saving fuel and reducing emissions can reach extreme levels in no time. Hit the jump for more on why they might be interested in some Ecopia tires.

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Bridgestone launches low-rolling-resistance Ecopia truck tyres

New Ecopia line-up reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions – without compromising tyre performance levels
Applying new eco-friendly compound technologies to truck tyres for the first time in Europe, Bridgestone has introduced a range of Ecopia truck tyres.

Ecopia truck tyres run with lower rolling resistance than Bridgestone's standard patterns, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The added value for operators is that this has been achieved without sacrificing Bridgestone's high performance levels of durability, irregular wear and wet safety.

The line-up, which was unveiled at the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, consists of steer tyres R249 Ecopia and R249 EVO Ecopia, with higher load capacity, drive tyres M749 Ecopia and Greatec M709 Ecopia, and the trailer tyre R109 Ecopia.

M749 Ecopia and R109 Ecopia patterns are also available as pre-cured retreads designed to provide similar mileage and rolling resistance performance as new Ecopia tyres when a Bridgestone Ecopia casing is used.

The core technology applied is Bridgestone's new cap and sidewall compound which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient. The R249 Ecopia steer tyre also features Bridgestone's proprietary Nano-Pro Tech™ compound, which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient by reducing energy loss in the top compound during rotation.

These Ecopia truck tyres will be most beneficial to advanced, fuel-conscious fleets with a high percentage of highway operations. Backed up by cost-saving tyre maintenance services provided by the Truck Point and Bandag dealer networks across Europe, Bridgestone's fuel-efficient and long-lasting Ecopia truck tyres and retreads can significantly reduce a fleet's operating costs and impact on the environment.

Bridgestone tests have shown that Ecopia tyres on a standard tractor trailer combination deliver an average of 12% improved rolling resistance compared to the previous pattern line-up at full tread depth.

Ecopia truck tyres and retreads are available across Europe from September 2010. Their introduction is supported by a marketing programme explaining how the Ecopia product and service package can help fleet operators "get a better grip on ecology and costs". A dedicated Ecopia website ( enables operators to access a special module entitled "Your ecological tyre print" which calculates the environmental impact of their fleet and invites them to obtain details on how to improve it.

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