That mysterious Audi coupe we saw in grainy video form is slowly becoming more clear. The above photo shows off some of the styling lines, even though the curly-Q camo is trying hard to hide them. Originally, the internet was abuzz with word that this vehicle could be related to Audi's all-electric e-tron. Now, however, many are now backing away from that thinking – the large brakes, sporty wheels and shining tailpipes suggest otherwise. This could very likely be an R4 coupe or cabrio prototype basking in the Austrian sun, getting ready for a reverse ski-jump workout and laughing at our attempts to figure out what it is.

Our friends at GermanCarBlog may have a better idea as to exactly what's going on here. They believe this is not the e-tron, not the R4 coupe or cabrio, but the S5-based Audi Anniversario project. That's right folks, we may be staring at a long-awaited update to the beloved Ur-Quattro.

What exactly is sitting under the Van Gogh-esque wrap job remains to be seen. In the meantime, our eyes will remain glued to the 'tubes until we learn more.

[Source: R4um, GermanCarBlog]

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