When Audi unleashed the Ur-Quattro on the world in 1980, it was as much of a game-changer in motorsports as it was a commercial flop. Twenty-nine years later, Audi's all-wheel drive system has proliferated through its line-up and the Quattro name commands even more respect today.
But according to Car, Audi's plan to resurrect the Ur-Quattro nameplate in celebration of the marque's centennial have fallen on hard times and the S5-based homage -- reportedly dubbed the "Project Anniversario" -- will be delayed until 2012.

With a rumored 425 hp, twin-turbo V6, a significant 500+ pound weight reduction and styling cues lifted from the Quattro S1 Rallye Car, any delays are a disappointment. Car speculates that Audi could unleash Project Anniversario as a concept during the 2010 auto show season, making the super S5 a great tribute to the Ur-Quattro on its 30th anniversary. We can only hope.

[Source: Car]

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