OriginTimes bores out the Bugatti Veyron of watch winders

We've seen all kinds of creative and decorative uses for engine blocks, ranging from coffee tables to wine racks. This one, however, is decidedly more... mechanical.

The German craftsmen at OriginTimes have taken the engine block from none other than the Bugatti Veyron and turned it into a watch winder. The 16-cylinder block incorporates individual winders for (you guessed it) sixteen automatic timepieces, each individually adjustable and programmable according to the requirements of each watch, with each combustion-chamber-turned-watch-winder is lined in soft goatskin leather.

Of course you'd need to have a collection of sixteen automatic wrist watches to warrant the purchase – maybe a couple of Parmigiani Fleuriers among them – but if you've got the €75,000 (nearly $100k, before taxes) to spend on a watch winder, something tells us that won't be an issue.

[Source: OriginTimes via Luxury Insider]

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