Bottle-fed Jaguar V-12 with 9-liter capacity

Now here's an engine that will get you rippin' when you uncork it. After a long life of constant high-revving thrills, this former E-Type V-12 has retired to a life of leisure. Creatively titled 'V12 Wine Rack' by its maker, David Lacey, this bottle-fed Jag mill has been opened up to a capacity of 9 liters, 750 ml from each of its 12 ports.
According to the description, the block has been sand-blasted to bare aluminum, the liners and bearing caps are zinc plated and the crank is nickel plated, all mounted on a custom and very attractive mahogany base that even rotates. Looks like the flat top could even accomodate a box of Chillable Red.

It probably can't turn 5,400 RPM like the original, but after a case of your favorite port, perhaps you'd be better off taking this for a spin and not the Jag. Looks like we might have a new suggestion for what to do with Uday's old Ferrari V12.

Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

[Source: Jag-Lovers]

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