It looks like Land Rover may have accidentally kicked over a hive of hornets by rolling out its new two-door Evoque. We recently heard all about BMW musing as to whether or not to build an X4 to compete with the crossover, and now Auto Express is reporting that Mini may be game to take on the newcomer as well. We're not talking about the Countryman here, either. The site claims that the head honchos at Mini are mulling bringing a two-door version of the high-rider to life, and that it will be called the Canyon when it arrives.

Auto Express doesn't cite any sources or point to any hard evidence of this decision (no surprise there). Instead, the site has chosen to rely on the fact that the company has been kicking around the idea of a vehicle like the Canyon since 2005. Now that the Countryman is headed for production, the logic is that it wouldn't take too much effort to slim the platform, throw on two doors and bolt up one very coupe-looking roof. Thing is, until we hear word from Mini itself, we're going to have to approach this one with a whole heap of skepticism.

[Source: Auto Express]

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