Chevy Volt regional advertising video – Click above to watch video after the jump

While there has been a significant amount of advertising chatter from the Nissan camp regarding the upcoming Leaf electric vehicle, Chevrolet has remained relatively quiet about its soon-to-be-released Volt. Nissan's advertising approach for the Leaf has been extensive, well conceived and in your face. Maybe the dog licking and dancing gave the Chevy team a slight pause.

Just a few short weeks ago, Chevy announced the addition of New York City and Austin, TX to the initial Volt launch markets. Now, Chevy has released regional advertisements in the areas lucky enough to get the Volt first. This new video offers a brief glimpse of the serene nature of piloting a Volt down a remarkable two-lane road. In near silence, the Volt cruises along as it, in GM's words, crushes the status quo. Follow after the jump to watch Chevy extol of the virtues of the Volt.

[Source: Chevrolet via YouTube]

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