Nissan Leaf iAd – Click above to watch video after the jump

Nissan's approach to advertising for its upcoming Leaf electric vehicle might be summed up by many as a touch too iPhone-centric. For those with an iPhone, Nissan's newest iAd might be available soon on a screen near you. Non-iPhone users can at least watch a video overview of the Leaf's exceptional iAd, just without the touchscreen capabilities of the real deal.

Nissan claims that it's the only automaker to take full advantage of the iPhone's capabilities by producing the world's first automotive iAd. We won't dispute the claim, but we're sure that many other automakers will quickly follow suit. Nissan's iAd is a highly-functional, interactive way to get the word out about the advantages of Leaf ownership. The iAd lets your fingers guide you through a slew of information available for the Nissan Leaf. Unfortunately, it's exclusivity to the iPhone means that many of us will never have the chance to use it, but at least you can follow after the jump to see what you're missing out on.

[Source: Nissan via Leaf-Owner]

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