So, what's it like to go 300 miles in an electric vehicle when that vehicle is a wheelchair? That's exacatly what a Norwegian couple, Ole-Jørgen and Torill, learned recently when they drove from Trondheim to Oslo on two slow-moving seats. They didn't set out to make the long journey they way they did, but when the national train company, NSB, told them they couldn't take their personal rides on the train because they were too big, off they went. Given the obvious quirkiness of this story and the two riders, the national media has taken an interest in the journey and it's become a symbol of protest against the NSB. There was certainly plenty of time to think about the statement during the nine-day-drive; the wheelchairs have a top speed of 5.5 miles per hour, says Electricaid. Like some long-distance electric vehicle drivers in the U.S., the couple recharged their rides at campgrounds. Next time, perhaps Ole-Jørgen and Torill will put a flamethrower up front. Thanks to Richard for the tip!

[Source: Electricaid]

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