Firebreathing electric wheelchair - the answer to a question nobody asked

Just when you think you've seen it all... Here is an electric vehicle which was built using golf cart parts. The contraption is said to be capable of twenty-two miles per hour. Doesn't sound all that impressive, huh? Read on. According to its maker, the seat comes from a Marine rescue helicopter, which is kinda cool, and it's capable of operation on just about any terrain. We're not really sure what it means when the machine is described as having "several forms of steering," but we're willing to go with it. So, what is it that makes this particular machine different than any other electric runabout? Oh, not much, but how about that flame thrower?

According to Lance Greathouse, "It was made for the disabled person looking for something a little different, why drive something that looks like a medical device when you can drive something lethal?" Why indeed? In case you're not into fire, may we suggest the Segway as an alternative?

[Source: via Gizmag]

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