Electric vehicle (EV) advocate Chad Schwitters recently drove from Washington state down to San Diego, CA in his Tesla Roadster. This isn't exactly news, but when you get Plug In America to write up the journey, you can learn a thing or two from a trip like this. For example, PIA member Linda Nicholes asked Schwitters what he learned on his long drive and we're sure anyone who's looking to take their EVs a ways away from home can benefit from this:
When dealing with RV Parks don't just ask what voltage is available because sometimes park personnel simply do not know and confuse 120V and 240V service. Ask instead if the park has 50 Amp service." For example: On Highway 101, a campground owner had promised that a 240V outlet would be available. Unfortunately, when Chad arrived late at night, he was shocked to find only a 120V outlet. ... He awoke to find that only a pitiful 20 miles had been added to the roadster's range. After grabbing that micro-mileage, he glided slowly to another campground, thankfully plugged into coveted 50 Amp service and began checking online for more 50 Amp service down the line through KOA (Kampgrounds of America).
Schwitters' whole journey wasn't exactly easy, and it shows how a bigger and better EV charging infrastructure is needed. Still, it also proves that adventurous drivers can head out today on an emission-free road trip. If they're ready for a few setbacks and know how to ask the right questions, that is. Read more here.

[Source: Plug In America]

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