UK committee says fuel prices must stay high to force drivers into efficient cars

We all love to see high fuel prices, right? Well, some of us might, but the majority of us would rather not pay through the roof for a gallon of gas. There's definitely a consensus that high gas prices are good for the environment in many ways, but few of us are willing to foot the bill to help out Mother Nature's cause.
But what if you had no choice on the matter and the government imposed some sort of system to ensure that gas prices remain high forever? You'd probably buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle or something of the electric-powered variety, right? Well, that's exactly the thought process behind the suggestions put forth by the UK's Committee on Climate Change.

The committee believes that the government should step in to keep fuel prices permanently high, a move that should force drivers to buy something more efficient. The commission suggests that the government sets minimum prices for both gasoline and diesel fuel. As the committee's chief executive David Kennedy remarked, "We know that people buy more efficient cars if the petrol price remains consistently high." But Kennedy's thoughts are not supported by the UK's Automobile Association president Edmund King.

As King said, the committee's plans are "unrealistic." "People are already moving to more fuel efficient cars so there is no need to punish them by keeping the cost of fuel excessively high," he said. We'd have to side with King's response on this one and suggest that there are other ways to easily convince buyers to make the right choice.

[Source: Autocar | Image: Brownpau - C.C. License 2.0]

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