General Motor's VP of Marketing Joel Ewanick has found a home for the wandering Cadillac account: Fallon. That home, however, wasn't empty: last December Fallon won the Chrysler account and created the Pentastar's "Coming Home" ad campaign that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year. It's unlikely that Chrysler will want to share a bed with Cadillac, so the seven-month-old account will most likely be the next one to move on.

Fallon held the BMW account until 2005 and oversaw the BMW Films that continue to rule the landscape of extra curricular automotive video marketing. We're not saying that we want them to do the same thing with Cadillac, but if Fallon can conjure something even half as cool it would be an awesome start for everyone. As for Chrysler, perhaps it could step over to Wieden+Kennedy, who did the new and critically approved 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee ad. Just stay away from the high concept stuff for a little while longer...

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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