Avenged Increased Sevenfold: Spyker plans massive sales increase on C7 Aileron?

Spyker Aileron C8 Spyder – click above for high-res image gallery

Here's a shocker – Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker is looking to increase sales of its C8 Aileron to 250 units by 2012. That's a sevenfold increase compared to the meager 36 vehicles the company managed to move in 2009. How will they do it? For starters, production will be moved to CAPP Manufacturing, Ltd. in England, allowing for greater production volume than in the past. So far, Spyker has sold just total of 214 cars since 2002. But the company also plans to make the C8 Aileron more attractive to American buyers by offering the car with a new automatic transmission.

The company is hoping that the new gearbox will make the car comfortable enough for buyers more interested in the vehicle's luxury aspects than its performance credentials. Spyker says that the company received a good bit of demand for an automatic C8 from buyers in the U.S., China, Russia and the Middle East in the past.

News of the expanded sales targets also dovetails nicely with word that Spyker will be selling its wares through select Saab dealerships here in the States. It looks like we can forget about there not being enough of the $240,000 C8 Ailerons to go around.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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