This could possibly be our first glimpse at the forthcoming super D12 SUV from Spyker. The team from Auto Informatief somehow managed to get their sticky mitts on what is said to be a clandestine shot of a clay model featured during some kind of corporate presentation. As shown, the body looks decidedly more Spyker than the Land Rover Defender-skinned test mules we've seen spy shots of thus far, but it also looks a good bit different from the Peking-to-Paris showcars we've seen for the last couple of years. As this photo is not explained in any context (including temporal), it could also be that this is an early development clay that predates the P-to-P, and not representative of the forthcoming production model.

Either way, the really interesting rumors center on the Spyker's engine bay. First, the bad news: there will no longer be a 12-cylinder behemoth under the hood. Depressed? Cheer up. In its place, the company is said to be plopping in a supercharged V8 of some unknown origin. The web is already crawling with theories of a blown Ferrari or AMG beating heart – both of which are decent guesses as far as we're concerned.

Assuming the clay model is representative of the production car, it looks like the new beast from Spyker will feature suicide rear doors – always a winner in our book – and a somewhat tall ride height. Ugly? Beautiful? It's too early to tell for us, but anything's bound to be better than the cobbled-together skin of the mules we've seen. No word yet on what designation the car will carry when it reaches production (SSUV? Peking-to-Paris?), but hopefully we'll get a better look at the real-live thing sometime soon.

[Source: Auto Informatief]

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