When we first heard that Spyker was sniffing around Saab, our thoughts immediately leapt to visions of C12 Zagatos on every street corner, or at least in every Saab showroom. Believe it or not, our whimsy-laced version of reality may come true. According to Bloomberg, the Dutch supercar manufacturer has said that it plans to nearly double the number of Spyker dealerships around the world from 35 to 60. How? The company plans to use portions of the old Saab dealer network.

If you're wondering how dealerships that struggled to move $30,000 9-3 sedans are going to manage to talk buyers into the driver's seat of a $215,000 C8 Aileron, you're not alone. Odds are the Spykers will serve as halo cars for the rest of the Saab fleet, but there are other hurdles facing the company's plans for expansion – production.

Spyker is a notoriously low-volume manufacturer – we're talking somewhere in the mid-double-digits each year, or about one car per every proposed dealership. Is the company planning on borrowing some of Saab's production might to get a few more models out the door annually? Hard telling. For now, the only real sharing going on between the two automakers is in tiny parts like windshield wiper motors.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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