Better Place and Nihon Kotsu electric taxi project – Click above to watch video after the jump

We're still not convinced that the whole battery swapping idea will work on a grand level, but there are countless possible benefits to such a system that we simply can't overlook. First and foremost, the speed of battery swapping is unmatched by any current method of charging that employs a cord. Better Place has demonstrated that it's a two-minute-or-shorter ordeal. Second, it just seems so darn convenient to pull up to a station, hand over a few bucks, get a fresh battery and be on your way. Finally, it's simply a cool idea that we would love to see work if all of the potential problems can be sorted out. If you've ever wondered what its like to sit in a vehicle while a battery swap takes place, wonder no more. A trio of taxis in Japan utilize the Better Place battery swapping station and we've got video to show that was captured from the back seat of one such taxi just for you. Follow after the jump to experience what battery swapping is all about. Hat tip to Martin!

[Source: YouTube]

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