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Inside China's electric drive for swappable car batteries

'Too convenient, too economical and too logical,' but it has lots of U.S. skeptics

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Patents imagine Kawasaki Ninja with swappable batteries

The company has not yet announced an electric motorcycle

The company has not yet announced an electric motorcycle.

Volkswagen powering up for EV onslaught with preview of 360-kWh mobile quick chargers

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles.

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Honda to try battery sharing with electric motorcycles in Indonesia

The joint venture with Panasonic should help clean city air.

The joint venture with Panasonic should help clean city air.

NIO ES8 crossover revealed, with a 220-mile range and battery swapping

Now available for pre-order in China

It costs the equivalent of $67,700.

Tanktwo has the weirdest EV battery we've ever seen

Fill your tank with swappable smart cells.

Don't worry about battery degradation. Replace these cells whenever you want.

Did Tesla shut down its battery-swapping pilot program?

Electric-vehicle maker may find better use for commercial purposes.

Tesla debuted its battery-swapping pilot program last year, saying the process could take as little as 90 seconds.

Verd2Go is another wacky idea for swappable EV batteries

Indiegogo Campaign Has A Ways To Go To Hit Goal

Kansas City-based Verd2GO touts battery-swapping racks for cars, smaller devices.

Elon Musk sounds ready to give up on Tesla battery swaps

At 2015 Annual Shareholder Meeting, CEO Says No One Uses The One Station

Speaking at the 2015 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk throws a lot of cold water on the idea of more Model S battery swaps.

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Thoughts on why Tesla's battery swap station isn't fully operational yet

Station Helps Automaker Gain California ZEV Credits

Tesla Motors' California battery-swapping station remains under 'pilot-program' status.

Used Better Place EVs sold at steep discount in Israel

Half-off on electric vehicles that can go about three-quarters range on a single charge? That's more or less what the new owner of Better Place's battery-switching and EV-charging network in Israel is proposing for a bunch of Renault Fluence Z.E. vehicles that it has to get off of its hands. Gnrgy, which now owns the used

Did Better Place end up hurting EV industry in Israel, Denmark?

Tennyson said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but when it comes to affection towards the dearly departed Better Place battery-swapping technology, Israeli and Danish drivers of plug-in vehicles may beg to differ. Those two countries were the first markets for the company, which went out of business in May after burning through about $850 million over a five-year period. And now, drivers in th

Chinese EV company registers 'Snowden' for EV tech trademark

Turns out, there is a quick way to get a lot of free publicity for your electric car company. Take the biggest name in leaks and apply it to you plug-in vehicles. That's the idea behind Chinese electric car technology company Hong Yuan Lan Xiang's (HYLX) new tradmark registration application. The name in question? Snowden. Yes, Edward Snowden.

Tesla ZEV credit changes will alter profit picture, but Musk still confident

Tomorrow, we will get a fresh glimpse into the financial situation over at Tesla Motors. That's when the California automaker, always ready to go its own way and not release monthly sale figures, will discuss its second-quarter SEC filing. From what we've been told, it won't be as rosy at three months ago. In early May, when Tesla announced Q1 results and said it Sebastian Blanco

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California may change fast-swapping ZEV credit rules, could hurt Tesla

As Tesla Motors showed last month, it takes as little as 90 seconds to swap out a battery on a Model S electric vehicle. Unfortunately for the California-based automaker, it could take as little as 90 days for the state to shelve a law that made such battery-swapping capabilities a profitable exerc

Bankrupt Better Place sold to Sunrise group for about $12 million

With a fresh, kid-friendly look on the official website (see above), there appears to be new life in Better Place. The Israeli electric vehicle charging and battery swap station company was approved for sale to Sunrise for almost $5 million. In May, Better Place announced bankruptcy proceedings.

Tesla answers questions about battery swap announcement

After last night's initial public demo of the Tesla Model S battery sw

Tesla Model S battery swap takes just 90 seconds, will track your old battery pack

We'll link to this 2009 post up front, just to make sure everyone's clear that the fact that a Tesla EV can, indeed, do battery swaps is old news. Yes, four years ago, we learned the all-electric Model S was designed with battery swaps in mind. Or, as Tesla CEO

Israel's 'Captain Sunshine' interested in buying Better Place

The man known to some in Israel as "Captain Sunshine" may bring bankrupt battery-swapping firm Better Place out of the dark by potentially buying the company's assets, the Jerusalem Post reports.

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