Project Better Place battery swap - Click above for a hi-res image gallery

Last week, Better Place previewed for a wide audience, via a new video, their battery swapping system. The video has kicked off a good discussion over on Peak Oil Garage that we wanted to share with you. The biggest question raised, I think, is about the batteries that Better Place will use. As we all know, battery technology - while not so advanced that we're all driving 400-mile range EVs - moves quickly. How does this affect Better Place's financial model? They pretty much have to invest in a lot of Gen 1 batteries, because each station will need a fair share of fully-charged packs for the cars that come in for service. But when does Gen 2 kick in? Will Better Place be able to recycle the packs into the newer types? What will that cost?

Another major question relates to the long-term plan. One way to cut down on the number of packs any individual station needs is to make the stations be able to quick-charge the packs. But, the more you overcome the technological hurdles to quick-charging, the less you need to swap batteries.

The original post on Peak Oil Garage says, "Much like hydrogen, the more you look at Project Better Place, the worse it appears." Whaddya think?

[Source: Peak Oil Garage]

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