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When you think of ideal markets for plug-in vehicles, does Singapore jump to mind? Probably not, but there are several reasons why it should. Singapore has set up an electric vehicle (EV) test-bedding project through its Economic Development Board and has already received commitments from Mitsubishi and Renault-Nissan. Mitsubishi will supply its i-MiEV and Renault-Nissan will deploy several electric vehicles in the coming years.

Though it already has all-electric vehicles lined up, the Economic Development Board's list is missing plug-in hybrids. Thus, the board has turned to Chevy to fill the void with the Volt. No definite decision has been made by General Motors, but Kittichai Jarusrojpoka, managing director of GM's overseas distribution told AsiaOne Motoring, "We see a very good chance of proposing the Volt for participation in the Economic Development Board's EV test-bedding project." It may be a while before GM's halo car makes it to Singapore, but it's already apparent that a lot of countries want to get a vehicle that plugs in, ASAP.

[Source: AsiaOne Motoring]

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