During last weekend's Plug-in Singapore 2009 conference, it was revealed that the country may see electric car companies battle for their hearts and wallets of its citizens next year. Mitsubishi announced that it will be sending 50 of its i-MiEVs to the island city-state in 2011 to begin a three-year, $20 million study. Detroit Electric also has its eye on this market and says it wants to put 500 cars on the local streets and set up an educational store to explain the new technology to consumers and perhaps even give test-drives. Nissan is also planning on entering the fray for itself sometime in 2010. While it all sounds very promising there are some interesting numbers by the two first-comers.

Of course, when talking electric cars, upfront cost is often one of the big issues and here there are some crazy numbers being tossed about in reference to the Mitsubishi. Let's start with 160,000 Singapore dollars ($115,500). That's a lot of cash and, according to AsiaOne, the full retail price of the i-MiEV. Luckily, the companies expressing interest in buying one will only have to fork over about half that amount, which is still a few thousand dollars past eye-watering.

On the other hand, Detroit Electric says, and we paraphrase, "We don't need no stinkin' testing program, our cars are ready to go now! Let's do this thing!" Their price is a far more palatable $26,000 U.S. being mentioned as the starting price for a car said to have close to twice the range of the i MiEV or the Nissan LEAF. Of course, all this is just talk until the rubber meets the Singaporean road but it does make the differences in approach worth watching. Hit the jump for video of a news report discussing cars and the island.

[Source: AsiaOne]

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