Bob Lutz is now officially into the swing of being retired. The former General Motors Vice Chairman has been living the life of leisure since the end of April, but the company he helped steer through Chapter 11 took some time to honor the living automotive legend in a number of receptions held yesterday. Lutz took the occasion to hand out a little wisdom to his fellow workers by telling them not to be afraid to be an irritant or point out deficiencies in the company, saying the philosophy worked for him throughout his career.

Lutz received a number of keepsakes during the celebration, including a set of aluminum versions of the cars he helped bring to market while at GM, including the Chevrolet Volt, Malibu and the Pontiac Solstice, as well as a small diecast engine. He spent his time signing autographs and shaking hands between speeches. Lutz also spoke to the theme of his next book – a tome that he's been working on since walking away from the automaker last month.

The text will focus mainly on the troubles that riddled GM before the meltdown and what the company can do to avoid falling into the same pitfalls in the future. His advice? Don't abandon common sense, and don't try to outthink the industry. It isn't one that requires "a huge intellect."

[Sources: Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News | Image: AP Photo/Seth Wenig/Getty]

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