If there's one thing we'll miss when Bob Lutz finally packs up and heads out to pasture, it'll be the guy's role as General Motors' resident quote machine. Take this latest gem, for example. According to BusinessWeek, Lutz has been quoted as saying, "Toyota's God-like status will never be reclaimed." He was speaking to reporters at the New York Auto Show about post-bankruptcy GM, and happened to take a swing at the company's biggest rival at the same time.
The General has made up serious ground on the heels of the Japanese automaker's recent recall woes, though both companies are expected to announce sales growth for the month of March. In the meantime, Lutz is still slated to retire from GM for good on May 1. After that, we'll have to find someone else to tell use that the Pontiac G8 will live on under the Chevrolet banner.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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