Spy Shots: 2011 Land Rover LRX stays true to the concept

2011 Land Rover LRX – Click above for high-res image gallery

It was only a matter of time before our army of steely-eyed spy photographers were able to snag a handful of shots of the upcoming Land Rover LRX. Proving once and for all that BMW doesn't have the market cornered on psychedelic vinyl body wraps, the Indian-owned British SUV manufacturer's answer to the CUV question was spotted busting a move on public streets. If you can look past the electrified coral reef patterns smeared all over the vehicle's body work, it's easy to see that this may be the most interesting thing to roll out of the brand's tea-drinking consciousness in years.

So far, we know that the LRX may or may not sail under a different name once it lands in showrooms next year. Whatever Land Rover decides to call it, the baby-ute should be available in both front and all-wheel drive flavors. That's right, we said 2011 will bring a FWD Land Rover to the scene. If that's not enough to put a twist in the knickers of brand purists everywhere, reports have also suggested that buyers will also be able to opt for a hybrid version.

So why are we so excited? This has to be one of the best-looking, most innovative models we've seen from Land Rover since England was still invested in crushing lesser cultures for the good of Queen and country. The LRX isn't square, isn't powered by a V8 and will actually attempt to address real-world concerns like fuel economy. Even better, judging from the short overhangs front and rear, the all-wheel drive version will possibly be able to keep up with its big brothers once the going gets off road.

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