Spyker D12 SSUV to begin production in 2009

click above to view the pre-production D12 at the 2007 Geneva show

Like one of their exotics sitting impatiently on your driveway, Spyker isn't content sitting still, so the bean-counters will just have to keep up. Despite deep financial woes troubling the company, Spyker is forging ahead with new models. Following the announcement that the new long-wheelbase version of the C8 Laviolette would be hitting the show stand at Geneva, Spyker has reportedly confirmed that the radical D12 Peking-to-Paris SSUV, possibly with American muscle, will in fact begin production next year. This confirmation, however, has only been reported by one website that doesn't cite its source and claims the news comes from an investors conference at which Victor Muller, the President of Spyker's management board, made the announcement. Unfortunately, we could find no other evidence that Spyker itself has confirmed the D12 is headed into production.

The production of the exotic sport-ute would be part of Spyker's plan to expand into emerging markets in Eastern Europe where performance SUVs are valued most among the growing upper class. Meanwhile, because half of its sales are in the United States, Spyker is also forced to cave in to demand for an automatic transmission in the C8, which is also reportedly confirmed for the fall.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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