Rooster Teeth drives in the third-person – Click above to watch the video after the jump

At some point during the last seven years, Rooster Teeth went from making hilarious videos using Halo multiplayer and a little voice-over action to taking on questions Myth Busters-style. What kind of questions? Try, "What would it be like to drive a real-live F-150 in third-person?" The crew set up a fairly ingenious rig using a Canon 5d Mk II, an HDMI cable and a 15-inch monitor. Then they blacked out the entire green house and had two guinea pigs test subjects run a cone course. Did we mention they had to fight their way to the truck through two "Yakuza" armed with foam baseball bats?

The results are somewhat predictable, but hilarious none the less. Turns out it's just as hard to drive a real vehicle in the third person as it is in Grand Theft Auto. Follow the jump to see the video for yourself, though be warned, there's some NSFW elements, including a little language and a big blow-up doll.

[Source: Joystiq]

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