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"How many times have I told you to stop playing those video games and go to school?" For any kid addicted to his xBox or PlayStation 3, that's bound to sound familiar. The clever (or fortunate) ones will manage to keep the fun rolling with a PSP or Nintendo DS, but at least one child has taken things a step further.

When the six-year-old son of David Eugene Dodson and Jacqulyn Deana Waltman of Wicomico Church, Virginia, missed the bus to school in the morning, he grabbed the keys to the family's Ford Taurus and drove himself. Well, almost. The young driver made it surprisingly far, over a bridge and around a few corners, until he crashed the Taurus into an electrical piling...and then proceeded on foot, determined to make it to school.

The child is now in protective custody together with his four-year-old brother while his parents face child endangerment charges. When asked by state troopers how he learned to drive, he freely told the officials that he honed his chops in front of the television, playing video games like Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam. Who said video games were a waste of time? Follow the jump to view the AP television news report.

[Source: The Seattle Times]

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