Get your Halo 3 on with a full-scale Warthog

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Halo players are familiar with the Warthog, the mil-buggy you (and often a friend) use in some scenarios to help the Master Chief dish out death with extreme prejudice to the Covenant's alien baddies. Well, the truck has made the jump from your DLP screen to the real world thanks to the guys at WETA, who have produced a running full-size replica complete with gun (natch) and four-wheel-steering. The full-scale Warthog's being used in a series of live-action shorts designed to ramp up gamers' excitement levels in the runup to Halo 3's release. You can get an idea of what to expect in the teaser trailer, which we've included after the jump. So that's what the Warthog assembly line looks like...

Thanks for the tip, Travis!

[Bungie, WETA via Joystiq]

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