2009 Cadillac Converj concept – Click above for high-res gallery

Ford Motor Company recently unveiled its Lincoln MKZ Hybrid at the New York Auto Show. The vehicle will become the brand's first entry into the luxury hybrid vehicle segment, a segment dominated by Lexus products. For Ford, the move to enter the segment may be risky and sales volume could be quite low. With Ford entering the segment, how will General Motors respond? According to Don Butler, a Cadillac marketer, the brand is not concerned with the MKZ Hybrid's introduction and the vehicle's unveiling will have no impact on Cadillac's current alternative powertrain plans. As Butler said in an interview with Ward's Auto:
We don't want to do a hybrid just to do a hybrid. And we don't want to just take something and put another badge on it and say, 'There's our hybrid.' It needs to be purpose-driven. We need to do what makes sense for Cadillac and its brand. You can expect alternative powertrains in Cadillac's not-so-distant future. It's not like we are moving away.
Of course, if Cadillac did want to respond to the MKZ Hybrid, they could simply put the green light back on for the Cadillac Converj concept. The Converj, using powertrain components from the Chevrolet Volt, could come to market quickly and be ready to take on the MKZ. The Converj would utilize the advanced extended range setup as opposed to the Lincoln's more traditional hybrid powertrain and would likely cost significantly more, but the added benefits of the Voltec system could lure potential MKZ buyers to the Cadillac brand. Hint to Cadillac, build the Converj!

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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