VicRoads is reaching out to teens - follow the jump for the videos

Like it or not, we were all teenagers at one point or another. Which means we all did our very best to endanger the life and limb of everyone around us on the road. Mix a healthy dose of hormones with an unfiltered belief in one's own invincibility, and suddenly you've got the perfect concoction for highway hell-raising.

These days, we've even thrown in a healthy dash of technology to add a little distraction to the mix. To help teens develop good driving habits, VicRoads (Victoria's highway department) in Australia have rolled out a new ad campaign, complete with profanity-laced pleas for teens to be more attentive behind the wheel ("Don't be a d*ckhead!", etc.). Hit the jump for a look, but be warned, the language may be a little NSFW. Hat tip to Igor!

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