Report: Cadillac Converj production program killed

2009 Cadillac Converj Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Just when it seemed like the gorgeous Cadillac Converj extended-range electric vehicle (ER-EV) was going to make it to production, it now appears that the program might be dead. Strictly speaking, although General Motors executives had indicated that the Volt-based coupe would be produced, it had never officially been announced as a production program.

Nonetheless, Bloomberg is reporting that the program has been canceled for business reasons. Apparently, Cadillac came to the conclusion that even as a Cadillac, the car couldn't be profitable with the level of amenities that customers would expect. The extra equipment would apparently have cut the electric range to only 20 miles, defeating some of the purpose of an ER-EV and its ability to cover most driver's needs without using gas. Given the slow sales high-end hybrids like the Escalade and Lexus LS600h, this may be the right move for GM.

According to Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell, there is " Nothing to be announced" and the program was " not to a point in which development would be occurring in earnest in any case." Caldwell goes on to say " There can naturally be a lot of careful review over an idea as big and ambitious as this. And that can go back-and-forth. Vehicle plans can be revised numerous times before reaching production, or being declined."

Instead of the Converj, Cadillac will reportedly focus on less expensive plug-in hybrids like the XTS concept that was shown in Detroit.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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