Florida bomb threat pickup truck – Click above for high-res image gallery

It could be argued that our nation's highways are teaming with weapons of mass destruction. After all, there are millions of two-plus ton objects hurtling around all over the place with questionable guidance from the men and women behind the wheel. Not dangerous enough for you?

Chris Bronaugh of Walton County, Florida, decided to make his own personal WMD a bit more fear inspiring than the rest by wiring up an old answering machine to the firewall and fuel lines of his truck along with some kind of circuit board and a silver tube. Police were notified after Bronaugh was heard "screaming at the top of his lungs, threatening to kill women and children, or anyone who came on his property."

The good news is that the bomb rig was just for show. Said Mike Gurspan, spokesperson for the Walton County Sheriff's Office, "The 52-year-old suspect stated he rigged his truck because he was tired of people stealing his gas." The bad news is that Bronaugh was also brandishing a homemade zip gun, making him rather dangerous indeed – four years earlier, he accidentally shot himself in the leg with just such an improvised firearm.

[Source: Northwest Florida Daily News]

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