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The USAF is pushing for more money to replace the 20,000 bombs and weapons it's used against ISIS since its aerial campaign began 15 months ago.


With President Barack Obama's announcement of an expanded aerial campaign against the Islamic State and in Syria, now seems like a good time to get on the subject of airborne bombs. This is sort of an odd field, mixing the cutting edge with concepts that have been employed for decades.

Florida bomb threat pickup truck – Click above for high-res image gallery

A short while ago we reported about an unknown group called FNAR (Fraccion Nationaliste Armé Révolutionaire) that was bombing speed-control radars in France. The government claims with radars are in use to reduce accidents and to lower pollution levels by forcing speed reduction. Last week, a man aged 31 was seriously wounded when he was manipulating one of these bombs in an apartment in Hauts de Seine, France. The guy said he belonged to the FNAR and the police found a small labor

A new speed control radar has been blown-up in Saint-Gervais in the French department of Val-d'Oise. This is the twelfth such radar that has been destroyed in the past year. Ten out these 12 bombings were claimed by a group named FNAR (Fraccion Nationaliste Armé Révolutionaire), although nobody has claimed this bombing yet.