Chris Paine on WISH TV – Click above to watch video after the jump

Over the last year or three, we've seen filmmaker Chris Paine (he of "Who Killed The Electric Car?") around the country at all sorts of plug-in vehicle events getting footage for his upcoming sequel "The Revenge of the Electric Car." The movie is due for release in 2011, and we're eagerly awaiting a trailer or short clip when they're ready. Recently, Paine was in Indiana to film the Think City electric car and the Bright Idea plug-in van.

Paine's visit to Indiana is an example of the plug-in vehicle innovation happening there. As he told local news WISH TV:
It turns out that Indiana is a big center for the rebirth of the electric car. In fact, some of the engineers working in Indiana worked on General Motors EV1, which is the subject of our first film.
Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: WISH TV via Revenge of the Electric Car]

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