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If all the rumors, wishes and Internet chatter about a new Porsche 928 can actually make the car happen, we are all for it – there are few automobiles we miss as lustily as the 1992-1995 928 GTS. We do know that Porsche has seven new models in the works and a 928 successor could be one of them, but until we have something more substantial to go on it looks like we're in for a slew of crowd-sourced renderings.

The above is from Teamspeed forum member Wildspeed, who's done a thorough job of melding Panamera and early 928 cues with a bit of flourish around the front wheel wells. If it comes in a manual version we'll consider it. You can have a better look at it in the high-res image and let us know what you think of Wildspeed's 928 and the GT's speculators in Comments.

[Source: Teamspeed via Carscoop]

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