It doesn't seem that long ago that Porsche was a two-car company. But since then, the German automaker has come out with the Cayenne and the Panamera, taking it into new territory – for better or worse. Now that it's part of the Volkswagen Group, sources expect Porsche to begin expanding its lineup even more, and British rag Autocar has what they're calling a comprehensive outline for seven new models in the works at Stuttgart that will arrive over the course of the next four years.
Starting with next year, we should see V6 engines on offer in the Panamera, including gasoline and – in certain markets anyway – diesel-burning sixes. The same year should bring the new Cayenne, the third-generation model, with a more curvaceous body to look even more like a 911 on stilts.

Two years from now in 2011, we should be seeing a hybrid version of the Panamera coupling either a V6 or V8 engine to an electric motor for green propulsion. An all-new 911 is due by the summer of 2012, and is expected to be a significant departure from the existing model, both longer and wider with an all-new design – but don't expect the rear-engine set-up to go anywhere.

2013 could see the debut of the so-called Roxster, a baby brother to the Cayenne likely to share its platform with the Audi Q5, as well as the anticipated successor to the 928, based on the Panamera and arriving in both coupe and convertible body-styles. To Autocar's list we'll add the electric sportscar currently under development, the Boxster Spyder that we previewed earlier this morning, and the rumored RS Spyder-based supercar to succeed the departed Carrera GT, giving the Germans a more grandiose expansion plan than we've seen in over 60 years.

[Source: Autocar]

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